Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comments on Comments on the Previous post

  • Henry Ware suggested a modification to the builder with abstract members removing a lot of the boilerplate. Incidentally, this is a nice illustration of how nested types can be put to a good use in Scala.
  • Justin ported the code to Haskell, which was very cool.
  • A couple of commenters suggested that languages with support for default parameter values (like Python and Groovy) don't need elaborate constructs such as the builder pattern. There are two ways to respond. One is to remind that the intent of the pattern, specially as originally described in the GoF book, has little to do with optional data. The other is to acknowledge that I probably put too much emphasis on this issue and forgot to mention a very common idiom for building objects in Scala: just declare mandatory "parameters" as abstract vals and optional ones as concrete vals with default values, like so:
    abstract class OrderOfScotch {
    val brand:String
    val mode:Preparation
    val isDouble:Boolean
    val glass:Option[Glass] = None

    And to instantiate:
    val myDose = new OrderOfScotch {val brand = "Bobby Runner"; val mode = OnTheRocks; val isDouble = false}
  • I guess that's it. Thanks y'all.


Anonymous said...

The class "OrderOfScotch" has to be abstract - or a Trait, because there are abstract members...
(trait OrderOfScotch {/*...*/})

Unknown said...

You're right meiko, thanks. I'll update the post to correct the mistake.

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